The Art of Waiting in the Dark


Have you ever had those moments where it feels like everything’s at a standstill? Like you’re just waiting for some sort of spark, something new and exciting to shake things up, but nothing seems to happen?

My friend calls this place “purgatory,” like what her astrologer friend told her about where she’s at in her life right now.

For me, it’s like being a seed buried deep in the darkness of the earth, where on the surface, nothing seems to be moving, until those little shoots start pushing through the soil.

Maybe you’re feeling it right now, that sense of stagnation.

In those moments, I want to extend an invitation to you:

trust a little more,
be patient a bit longer,
even when disappointment and skepticism start to creep in.
Keep your head up and your hopes high.
Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

Sure, having proof can offer comfort and reassurance. But that feeling, that spark of hope when you glimpse light at the end of the tunnel, you don’t need solid evidence to experience it. You can simply tap into your imagination.

This is where the law of resonance comes into play:

what you feel inside will
eventually match what happens outside.

Try to find things in your life that you are grateful for; often, they are the small, simple moments that our intellect tends to overlook because they seem too ordinary.

It could be the fresh air on a sunny day,
the warmth of patting your pet, or
the infectious laughter of your children.

These are the simple joys that require no explanation or reasoning. You can bask in their warmth simply by allowing yourself to feel them deeply.

You can also discover joy and gratitude in the success and achievements of others. When you truly feel happy for someone else’s accomplishments, those feelings of deep gratitude and happiness become your own, because it’s you who experiences these feelings.

Without even trying, the outside world starts to echo your inner vibe back to you. The once-tiring wait for something to change will become lighter. Suddenly, you notice things are actually moving because you begin to truly experience life instead of waiting for them to change in order to feel happy. It is in the state of play and flow that you’ll find change unfolding effortlessly, right in front of you.


When we feel the need to justify every aspect of life, this compulsion exerts control over us. We may come to believe that our inherent capacity depends on external conditions. In other words, we’ve deluded ourselves into making the world a cause for our state of being; . . . we’ve been misusing one of our mightiest tools: our intellectual and rational mind. It doesn’t serve the truth. It serves what you believe and can find any reason under the sky to support whatever you think is true.

—Christine Samuel, The Heart Space: Living with Grace and Ease in an Era of Uncertainty, Chapter 8

A Question(s) to Ponder

Have you ever experienced moments of pure joy that were completely unexpected? How can you notice it even more?

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