Fresh Knowing: Discovering ‘Now’ Within ‘Know’


Isn’t it interesting that “NOW” hides within “KNOW“? It is so obvious, yet we don’t notice it.

What do you think? Does knowing have to do with the now?

Unfortunately, you and I know that our current way of knowing, often disconnects us from the present. When we assert that we “know,” it’s typically an expression of our past experiences. Our knowledge is deeply anchored in the memories stored in our minds. It shapes how we navigate the world based on what we have known before.

In fact, without bringing the past into the present, we could not make judgments, hold expectations, form beliefs, or draw comparisons. These mental processing always require a reference point, something to compare with, in order to exist.

But what if we could access a different kind of knowing—fresh and arising from the present moment? The kind of knowing where insights, understanding and next steps unfold effortlessly without us have to “figure it out.”

You and I have experienced this before. Like when a new idea comes during a morning shower. An answer shows up without you having to do hours of analysis or mental gymnastics. A soft nudge tells you to pick up a phone and call someone, a spontaneous action to give a hug to someone because at that moment you know they need it, or just an immediate knowing that comes from a gut feeling.

What happens during those moments is that you are open. You don’t try hard to figure it out, you might not even think! You don’t sit with your expectations, judgments, or anything else; you are not consumed by your thoughts.

What if you can have more of these moments?

I invite you to contemplate the playful word that does not yet exist: “Now-ing” and see if you can gain a different kind of knowledge by being on the ledge of the now.


The mind can be at ease when it’s free from the burden of constantly generating predictions, comparisons, and judgments and holding onto old stories. When our minds are cluttered with facts, ideas, rules, and expectations, it becomes challenging to perceive anything new. The true power of our minds lies not in accumulating knowledge but in creating a blank canvas where fresh thoughts and insights can paint their vivid strokes.

Christine Samuel, The Heart Space: Living with Grace and Ease in an Era of Uncertainty

A Question to Ponder

What is required of you to experience more of the fresh knowing that arises from the present moment?

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