Being vs. Doing: A Subtle Yet Significant Difference


How are you BEING today?

What are the differences?

Human being:  I am, therefore I think, feel, do.
Human doing: I do, I think, therefore I am.

In the world where we are used to see things, even ourselves, as objects, as nouns—labelled and fixed, the only way to change is through having a force of action apply upon us.

This leads us to become obsessed with doing and doing things right.

Even in our thinking, we dedicate much of our energy to figuring out how to do things and how to do them correctly.

In doing so, we disconnect ourselves from the source from which the doing flows.

Not realizing, doing is actually the outcome of being.


“Being is the domain of quality. Whatever we do with Being embodies qualities and attributes more purely and intensely. We can bring quality into the details of life if we remember to be and act with precision. If we can consciously be at that point where the horizontal force of active choice meets the vertical force of Being, a certain ‘something’, larger than life, will be activated. This ‘something’ can be felt in anything produced by the hands and heart of a conscious human being—in works of art, in a well-tended garden, in food prepared with love.”

Kabir Helminski — Living Presence

A Question to Ponder

It is good to ask ourselves whenever we remember: How am I being at this moment?

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